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For a long long time I was very active with maintaining my personal blog, with some very fun articles coming up. It’s been a while since I’ve done any updates, however, because I have been involved heavily in taking Brixwork Real Estate Marketing Inc. off the ground and into a profitable & operational venture. I’m halfway there. And I thought, why not start blogging again from a more personal perspective? I like sharing my ideas on design & business, as well as other more personal side of my life.

First step was to purchase a template from Themeforest – a simple but powerful blogging template that will allow me to quickly get this up and running. Despite my background in heavy custom coding & production that reaches far beyond using pre-made templates, certain websites can be taken online very quickly if the requirements are more standard (such as this blog – it’s a sharing space, not a complex real estate data exchange platform like Brixwork is!).

Next up.. fill it with some good content like back in the old days. Some of my articles were even used by students in their papers & essays comparing vector graphics VS raster graphics, while others uncovered interesting facts about the World Cup and its history.From now on, however, I suspect this blog will go more towards the direction of talking about design & marketing, business & entrepreneurship, search engine optimization, social media strategies (and some personal things such as crossfit, foodie stuff, soccer & sports and more).

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