What Can You Do With $834,555.28 CAD (or 400,000 GBP)

  1. You can buy a nice high-rise condo in downtown Vancouver, mortgage free. shaw-tower-night-shot.jpg
  2. You can buy 3 Lamborghinis with that (depending on model and price, but I found one brand new at 133,xxx GPB).
  3. At the current stock value, you can get over 1,500 shares of Google. (Right now, $515.49)
  4. Or. You can get this ugly ass logo.

Look at it. That’s the official logo for the London 2012 Olympic Games, as revealed on Monday. Since its revelation, here are the results :

  • 50,000+ have signed an online petition to scrap it.
  • It’s been condemned as “hideous” by the public and politicians, and even the Mayer of London Ken Livingstone said he wouldn’t have paid for such a thing.
  • Several members of the British Parliament signed a motion to ditch the design.
  • To add, the campaign video contained too much flashing of light, which has already caused 23 reported case of seizures (epileptic).

Yes, $800,000 or so in Canadian dollars can go quite a far way…

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