Pagerank Update Coming Up – Prepare for it

Jamie Harrop wrote a post on Daily Web Ideas on 7 ways to increase your pagerank. Great post I must say and I recommend reading it. He discussed how to get a better pagerank from an excellent marketing and advertising point of view.

On another note I’d like to toss in some of my own SEO ideas for better results – from a web developer’s perspective. Considering Jamie has already covered the other end, this is all I have left.

I cannot stress enough the issue of Keywords. No matter how good your pagerank, if your website is not picked up by the right keywords and phrases it’s useless. Use the right keywords in the URL, the <title> tag, as well as in your content (which include page titles, text, as well as deep-links). If your website is not a blog but a custom made business website, you really need to work on this. Make sure you employe Search-Engine friendly URL schemes. If you are a blogger on WordPress, be sure to take advantage of slugs and other SEO-friendly WordPress features.

When the keywords are scattered throughout your page, remember that the things that appear first in the code (which would most likely mean the stuff that appears towards the top-left corner of your screen) has more weight and influence than the other side.

Always use Google Webmaster tools to check for broken links, crawl frequency etc. and keep a track of them if you are serious about SEO on your business website. Make sure your robots.txt file is set correctly to allow good exposure. And don’t use cheap shady tactics like hidden text and illegitimate redirection. Note the difference between 301 and 302 redirects if you often move around pages and such.


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