Know how to start a blog/website but never finish?

There are millions of blogs out there and many of them remain neglected because the owners gave up after pushing it a while. But the businessman or enterpreneur’s mentality requires the ability to invest time and effort for a payoff that comes along later. Unlike working for $25/hr, you cannot assume stability after a specific period of time.

I’ve worked on this blog for nearly a month now. I’ve made $10 off adsense advertisements so far. I‘ve grown this to have a solid 200 unique visitors a day on average. February 1st, I had 279 for the day. I started out with 3 RSS readers (my Firefox RSS, IE7 RSS, and my google RSS reader), and now it usually stays at over 20 readers at a time. My highest record was 33 RSS subscribers at once.

As I discussed in this previous post about Search Engine Optimization of my blog, I’ve been getting lots of hits from search engines as well and some of the keywords/phrases I’ve been picked up based on are rather impressive. It still blows my mind how I am #1 for “hot issues BC”.

So the conclusion is that it is growing, and I’m keeping it up…

I’ve had some successes in my life and when I can see that I am doing something right and it is going in the right direction, I can sense that it will be successful sooner or later, and for that reason, I will temporarily take the stance of a “Successful” blogger, although the money does not show it yet.

Here are my tips on blogging and keeping it up :

  • Gary from hosting told me once “Post every single day!” Well, sometimes I hit 2 posts a day. Although, there are times when I post at 10PM on one day, and then the next evening, I post at 1AM, so technically speaking it seems like I’ve skipped a day but it’s not.
  • When I can think about something to write about, I instantly log onto my blog and write up a draft. Or at least the title. I hate the idea of a good thought going to waste! I want to share it.
  • Do your research and tracking. See where your traffic is coming from. A lot of mine was coming from, and So what did I do? I religiously dugg my posts every time I wrote one, and I got my friend to do it for me too. I always start off at 2 Diggs (unless that friend of mine gets lazy).
  • Sometimes, if I think a specific post might be more for the daytime crowd, I would write it the night before, but publish it the next morning so that it hits the top lists of, and etc. during the day. If I put it up at 1AM or 2AM, it’s way down the list by the time my target audiences hit.
  • Also do your SEO research and make every effort to ensure you have good keywords so that you can get quality visitors.
  • NEVER click your own Google adsense advertisements. NEVER. If they pick this up somehow you can be banned fromAdsense and whatever payments are pending will be nullified!!!
  • If your friends do not have Firefox yet, tell them to install it through your website referral buttons for them. It’s a good way to spread the good word about a good browser and make some money too.
  • Be generous to other bloggers, and participate. If another blogger made the effort to comment on your site, please go back to their blog and comment on their blogs too. If you like the blog, don’t hesitate to offer a link-exchange.
  • And most of all. DO NOT STOP THE EFFORTS!

So there it is. This is what I’ve been doing the last month and it’s been giving me an upward graph!

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