Is Facebook Walking a Dangerous Line?

As much as I am a huge fan of facebook in so many different ways including the fact that they provide a cleaner layout than MySpace, require less clicks and page-refreshes than myspace using AJAX, and the fact that they provide an extensible API, some of the recent movies made me frown a little bit.

There are too many god damned applications coming up and there’s way too much stuff on some people’s profiles than there should be. On some of my friends’ profiles, I need to scroll down for quite a bit until I can reach the wall section to write something there. Also some of the applications leave useless updates in the newsfeeds, which means relevant newsfeeds are being pushed back way too faster than it should be. If I don’t log in often I’ll miss even more than I used to.

On the upside, the application boxes adhere strictly to the standards of the Facebook design which means that the look is at least uniform. But nonetheless, I find that it is becoming annoying and too complicated (which is precisely why I never got into MySpace). Of course, it’s still a hundred times cleaner than MySpace could ever be.

Another source of irritation is that there are some applications that are very similar to each other which causes an overlap. As far as facebook users are concerned, this is not a marketplace of competition, but a website for convenient contact with friends and associates. I quite frankly do not care to install both the TravelBuddy Visited Countries as well as the Cities I’ve Visited application (OK, if I hadn’t been so well traveled I wouldn’t have, but since I wanted to show off I added them both anyways).

The applications should be better filtered based on usability and also in consideration of other existing applications. And perhaps imposing a limit on how many applications one user can have would be a good idea to keep things clean as well.

What’s everybody else’s take on this?

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