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Google pageranks are forecasted to be updated in April sometime – or at least that is the rumour.

If you don’t know what a pagerank is.. well. The word itself is self-explanatory. It’s a system that Google has that ranks the importance and relevancy of your site, and you get better search engine results. Also, the links that you give out to other sites have more relevancy too (unless attributed by the rel=”nofollow” thingy).

Even if you are already being indexed by Google, that does not mean that you have a pagerank, or if the pagerank is up-to-date. In my case, my site is rather new so I have no pagerank whatsoever. BUT.

There is a way to predict your pagerank. I’ll be brutally honest with you – I’m not sure how accurate this is, but I gave it a whirl for fun, and it predicted that my blog will hit a pagerank of 5 – which is pretty darn good.

Try that tool and see what your blog MIGHT end up being. I want to see the pagerank update, and check out how accurate this is. You should do the same. And let me know the results – we can all compare the prediction and the actual result in order to see how good this tool is!

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