Blu-Ray Triumphs???

According to a recent news flash, Toshiba, who is behind the HD DVD format, is considering withdrawing from HD DVD as it seems apparent that Blu-Ray DVD technology is projected to be the winner.

Blu-Ray currently has over 80% of the market share, and more retailers as well as movie producers are choosing the Blu-Ray format over HD DVD format for a variety of reasons.

This review, however, did not trigger a decline in Toshiba shares, but rather, an incline, as it is viewed as a wise move to cut losses. Admitting defeat is also a very admirable trait, I suppose, and Toshiba shares went up, and the rating by Nikko citigroup for Toshiba shares went from “neutral” to “buy”. This is a rather interesting movement on the stock front, a somewhat unconventional one (although maybe it seems that way because I’m not an expert in stock trading).

Full News Story on HD DVD’s potential defeat to Blu-Ray

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