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As I mentioned, I had a hard drive failure which resulted in a lot of losses. It was absolutely brutal.

My last back up was October 21st, before my trip to Costa Rica. And then last Wednesday, so around the 14th of November is when my hard drive crashed. The hard drive is beyond repair – the only way to get the data out of there was by a very expensive data recovery service ($400~$500 or so for a physical extraction of the magnetic disk and so forth), and by the time I was set up on my new Macbook Pro while waiting to see if the tech support could extract the files through external mounting via USB, I had re-done a lot of my work. So it wasn’t worth it for me to pay that much money for recovery services.

A great lesson I learned is to back up my data more frequently, because you never know what may happen. My new Macbook Pro has the Time Machine feature, so the backup worries are now over. The Apple Website has more about the Time Machine.

Many of you probably remember the post I wrote about iFags after I returned my first Macbook Pro in March. This time I decided to give another shot at the Macbook Pro, and with the new OSX Leopard System in place, it proved to be a much nicer journey.

I will still state that there are a lot of things that are very frustrating or not very functional when it comes to Macs, but there are also pros in how the desktop and icons work, how stable it runs Illustrator and Photoshop, and also the Time Machine automatic backup feature, so the balance is tipping this time in favour of the Mac as my main unit.

I still miss Office 2007 dearly, and I am trying to get a hold of a version of Windows Vista so I can use Office 2007 through VM Ware Fusion, which is the software that allows me to run a separate instance of Windows (or any other OS) embedded within the OSX system as I work. So that means I can switch between Mac Apps and Windows Apps instantly, or even have a window of a Window (play on words!!) running at the same time, as if it were a whole program on its own.

I still run my Windows XP computer at my home office which I adore dearly.

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