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AJAX is the new cool phrase these days. I talked about it many times when I mentioned Facebook.com, and I am also implementing it in my newest project. In any case, while I was getting the code written out, I ran into small AJAX related errors (such as faulty headers, missing parameters or the status not updating etc.) and I just got sick of it. And then I found this simple method to make AJAX a lot simpler. Here is the website address :


Want to know more about how this works?

This website will provide you with the jx codebase/library that you can simply call into from your HTML pages, and the rest of the AJAX calls are simplified – you just put in the file, parameters, and define what action to take with the AJAX result, and it does it all for you. It basically extends your Javascript codebase to include an AJAX function in a sense. It saved me a lot of time and reduced my headaches. Here is a sample line of code that I put in – look how simple it is.

In case you wondered what AJAX was and how exactly it works, I will show you a diagram I drew for my client to let him understand how AJAX works.diagram-of-ajax-copy.jpg

AJAX – Where and how to use it

Why Facebook is better than MySpace

Also, if you want to get neat looking animated GIFs to show while your AJAX loads, check out this site.

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