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"Better Today than Yesterday,
Better Tomorrow than Today."

“Better Today than Yesterday, Better Tomorrow than Today.”

Who is Jeff Kee?

A Multi-Lingual Global Citizen & Entrepreneur

Having grown up in South Korea, USA (Missouri), and finally Canada (since 2001) I am an odd blend of the East and West. I am currently a proud Vancouver BC resident and the owner of two agencies (Brixwork Real Estate Marketing Inc. and HOVR Marketing Inc.). I speak two languages natively (English & Korean) with some dabbling in Spanish & Japanese. And if coding languages count, we can add HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP to the mix!

With a heavy background in web development, branding, graphic design & corporate communications, I started pushing Brixwork as my main business since 2011 after it’s inception of the concept (and version 1 of the software) in 2007.

In 2016 I felt the urge to let my creative energy flow to sectors other than just real estate, so HOVR Marketing Inc. was founded to help new start-up/venture cap companies market themselves effectively and raise more investment capital in the public & private financing world.

A Passion For Business & Workflows

More than just the technicals – Looking into business procedures and marketing styles, project workflows, as well as team management, became one of my passions, and I’ve grown quite a bit as a businessman, well past the freelance web & graphics guy that I was in the past. I love business management & IT level chats & discussions, which is why I decided to start writing blog articles to share my expertise with others.

Jeff Kee Blog
My Philosophy
Jeff Kee Blog
My Philosophy

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