A Multi-Lingual Global Citizen & Entrepreneur

Having grown up in Korea, USA (Missouri), and Canada since the age of 15, I am currently a proud Vancouver BC resident, a business owner (Brixwork Real Estate Marketing Inc.) and an entrepreneur of sorts. I speak two languages perfect (English & Korean) with some dabbling in Spanish & Japanese.

With a heavy background in web development, branding, graphic design & corporate communications, I started pushing Brixwork as my main business since 2011 after it’s inception of the concept (and version 1 of the software) in 2007, and have not looked back since.

A Passion For Business & Workflows

Looking into business procedures and sales, and project workflows as well as team management became one of my passions, and I’ve grown quite a bit as a businessman, well past the freelance web & graphic guy that I was in the past.

A Keen Eye For Design, Communication, Elegance & Style

Having the background in being a freelance designer & web developer, I have a special interest in aesthetics, typography, visual design and effective communication. I am a big fan of effective & beautifully designed infographics, and I seek to find better ways to help businesses communicate to their clients.

What About My Personal Life?

As an avid Crossfit enthusiast, training out of Crossfit BC, or playing soccer at the Roundhouse Community Centre in Yaletown. and I am also a foodie who loves to try new restaurants. My Instagram feed says it all. In the last few years I’ve developed a massive interest in fitness, training & healthy eating, and I live my sermons by being very active indoors and outdoors and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Always striving to help other people who are passionate about career, business, fitness & well-being, I continue to run this blog sporadically despite my rather heavy schedule. But it’s what I enjoy doing – to push myself to become a better person today than I was yesterday, and helping those who are ready to put in the work to do the same, and also seeking inspiration from those who motivate me as great role models.