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Time management is one of the issues that I always try to get to the bottom of, and I always emphasize it. But it seems that often times I lose my discipline as well, and I look back at some days in which I spent too many hours doing unproductive stuff, in a very unorganized manner. And while I sit in front of my computer, I often end up jumping from one task to another, which is a major pain in the butt.

I’m implementing a new initiative for myself to make the most out of my time, and that is to label every single business-related (and some non-business-related) task into my calendar and try to adhere to it. Of course, things come up – having to go to the store to buy something, or the bank, etc. And those variables are a given, but with a schedule written out fully, I am much more likely to follow the routine more than anything else.

For example, I used to just have it in my head, “I’ll do Ted’s ads, and then code for John tomorrow.” That’s not good enough for me anymore – it will all be written down in my calendar to the very hour, including lunch breaks and gym breaks. This is a new thing I am starting as part of my productivity increase plan. I don’t expect to ever achieve 100% adherence. This is more of a self-encouragement and disciplining measure so I don’t waste my time. I am much less likely to sit around or goof off if I have it written in my calendar to perform a certain task between certain hours.

I’ll keep you all posted on how this goes!